For anyone out there who hasn’t yet heard, the Humble Indie Bundle V is almost over. You have one day left to pay what you want and get some awesome cross-platform (Windows, Mac, and yes Linux!) games while giving your money directly to the folks who made them as well as some awesome charities. Please give what you can. These games are perfect for a study break. In fact, I feel one coming on right about now…

Free PowerShell v2 Workshop

I’ve always been more of a linux/unix/mac focused guy, but I have to say I’m honestly impressed with the direction Microsoft is heading with PowerShell. PowerShell scripting is SO COOL. Yes, I just said something Microsoft made was cool; zealots are setting phasers to stun kill about now. Check out this 4 hour PowerShell v2 workshop posted for free(!) on YouTube by Don Jones.

If you liked that check out his book Learn Windows PowerShell in a Month of Lunches or his PowerShell video training series.

Thanks for sharing Don!