Mario Marathon 7

Mario Marathon 7 logo
It’s that time again folks. Yes, that’s right, it’s the 7th annual Mario Marathon for Child’s Play Charity. These great group of folks have been playing Mario games for the past 26 hours straight and will continue until you guys stop donating money to Child’s Play. So far together we’ve raised over $25,000! Let’s keep it going. Please donate what you can and tell your friends to check it out too! Together we can help Child’s Play touch the lives of lots of sick kids in hospitals all over the place and have a lot of fun doing it. There’s contests, prizes, and lots of zany fun.

Head on over to to join in!

UPDATE 6/25/14 – Amazing! Mario Marathon 7 raised over $85,000 for Child’s Play Charity this year. Not only that but this brings the marathon’s total life time donations to over half a million dollars! Congrats to the Mario Marathon team and thanks for all their dedication and hard work.