Mario Marathon 6

Mario Marathon Live NowI don’t post here very often, but I wanted to let you all know that the sixth annual Mario Marathon for Child’s Play charity is going on right now. This is a really fun annual event where a great group of people play a bunch of Mario games nonstop, unlocking more and more levels to play as people donate to the cause. So far, the marathon has raised over $16,000! The charity that the marathon benefits is Child’s Play, which helps get games and toys into the hands of sick kids in hospitals across the US and Canada as well as parts of the rest of the world. We were all kids once, and you know how scary having to stay in a hospital can be. So head on over and watch the marathon, donate some money to unlock more levels for them to play, and help benefit a great cause!


Holy cow everyone! Mario Marathon 6 raised $67,344.75 for Child’s Play! Thanks to everyone who participated this year and thanks to the Mario Marathon team for so graciously devoting all the time, money, and effort making Mario Marathon awesome.