Bookmark Backup?

Are you backing up your bookmarks? Oh, you don’t store local bookmarks? You use a social bookmarking website you say? Well I hope you weren’t using Ma.gnolia. They announced on Friday morning that they’ve experienced a catastrophic data loss. Wired is reporting Ma.gnoalia has lost both their production database and backups of user data. Bye bye bookmarks!

So my question to you is, do you have backups? Ma.gnolia didn’t. If they did have backups, my guess is they failed step 5 on the path to the tao of backup. While I have both local and off site backups (that yes, I test on a frequent basis…it’s all about restores!), I had overlooked my bookmarks. Luckily, they are safe and sound on I might not be so lucky next time though. If you’re a user as well, I suggest you export a copy for safe keeping. Then take a moment to think about what else you have stored, and stored solely, in the cloud. Make sure you add those things to your backup procedures.